Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lights, Camera, Avian!


Here's some random, useless information for all of you.

So, I watched some show that talked a bit about slot machines, and I was surprised to learn something new about them. Turns out that the lights (called candles) on top of slot machines are color coded by denomination. I just never noticed that, but it makes a lot of sense.

According to the show, Nickel machines have Red candle, Yellow is for quarters, Blue for dollars, and Purple mark the $5 machines. I wonder what the color codes are for the $100 and $500 machines. I'll have to remember to check that out next time I'm in Vegas.


On Friday, QB and I went to San Francisco to meet up with one of her old college friends. Before meeting up with them, we randomly dropped by Taqueria Cancun for something quick to eat. We were really pleased with the food. It was cheap and delicious. And, all the fresh avocado chunks shoved into our burritos and quesadillas really added to the yum factor. If it weren't so far away I'd be a regular.

After our quick meal, we met up with everyone at The Cellar. There was a reasonable $5 cover, and while the music was decent, we weren't too fond of the crowd and the dance floor was really packed. Within an hour, we're off to a different spot.

QB and I drove off towards some bars over near Valencia when suddenly I see a lot of cameras flashing. Oh Shit! I got snapped by those red-light cameras. I should be expecting a ~$400 ticket in the mail soon. What's done was done, and there wasn't much use pouting over it. But, I was pretty pissed for a good 20 minutes.

We finished the night off at several spots... the Casanova Lounge, Skylark, and Blondie's Bar and No Grill. All of these bars gave us a good time... nothing extraordinary, but fun, nonetheless. Main thing that would make it a better would be to clean up crowd a little... the 'gangbanger' element there.


The next day, we took a walk on a trail nearby the new place. We saw a bunch of different lizards, and also scat from various animals. I really found that being near some wildlife was nice. I definitely didn't get any of that at my old place... this new area reminds me a lot of the Riverside boonies, where I grew up. The highlight of our walk was spotting a large group of wild turkeys.

At first I didn't really believe that there were wild turkeys in the area, but I found a check list of Santa Clara County birds for bird watchers. And, sure enough, there are wild turkeys year-round in the area. I'm going to bring my camera next time so that next time I see any neat birds or creatures, I can get a few good shots.

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