Friday, August 03, 2007

That Which Gives Also Takes Away

CK and I went to Garden again tonight. I was hoping to extend the streak, but alas, I failed. I started off the session pretty typically... playing well and up about $100. That was rather short-lived, and soon I got a taste of running cold, as I get rivered mercilessly. One of the many times that I got jacked on the river was CK's QT that took out my AA. He opened with QT, and I 3-bet him. The flop came J -T-rag, a K came on the turn which pretty much committed him. The river gave him trip T's, and that was that.

What followed was hours of being card dead and slowly bleeding chips. I had to buy in for another rack, but it wasn't too long after that when I started getting cards again. I worked my way back up and once again I peaked at around $100 in profit. And, then I received a ton of great starting hands, which pretty much never held up. Basically, I was outflopped way more than I should have been, and when I did flop good, runner-runner beats finished me off.

Even when I was hit with what I thought was a big blind special, I was crushed. I had 84s in the big blind, and I get a free look at the flop. It comes 44J, and I check-raise the flop, getting a few callers, led on the turn when a 5 hit, and got check-raised by the SB on an A river. Apparently, I was drawing to 1 out. I guess his JJ wasn't worth a raise pre-flop. Sometimes you just gotta laugh it off.

Anyway, I can't complain about the cards I got near the end of the session. I'd love to get all those big starters again. Too bad it just didn't work out for me tonight. AA held up 1 time out of 4, KK held up 0 out of 4, QQ held up both times I got it, and JJ never held up, and once it cost me quite a bit of money when the final board showed T948Q and KJ was in the other guy's possession.

In summary, I was up then down then up then down for the count. The session was a disappointing -$394 (just under 33 bets). The table was still incredibly fishy, and I'd have loved to play more, but sometimes you've just gotta call it a night when things aren't going your way.

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