Friday, August 17, 2007

Continue to Run Well

Played twice this week... one session of 6/12 with Captain Kings, and one session of the 8/16 with half-kill since I went solo. The games are still ridiculously good, but after playing two 8/16 sessions so far, it does seem like the competition is a bit stiffer. This isn't so much the case over at Bay101, where there's almost no difference in skill level between the 6/12 and 8/16, except that the game is a bit wilder.

At the table tonight, there were at least 2 other players that were solid, as opposed to the usual none at the 6/12. Luckily, there were also a few horrible players that made the game great. No really exciting hands to report, but I will say that I witnessed the craziest dealer-related accomplishment.

So, we're a full 9-handed game, and this one dealer sits and tells us that he's been trying to get better at dealing faster and moving games along quicker to increase his pay. And, let me tell you how sick it was. He did not make any mistakes at all in dealing 30 hands in his 28 minute down. Yes, that's right... 30 hands.

Sure, he was helped by maybe 3 hands that were chops. But, overall he was awesome. If only all dealers could aspire to be like him. Card rooms ought to give a daily bonus of say $200 to the best dealer each day as incentive to deal correctly and quickly. I would have to think that such an incentive would pay for itself, since hands are raked at a $4 rate. Hard to make it fair, but who cares how fair it really is... it's a bonus after all.

Anyway, the two sessions were profitable putting me at 3 in a row. The 6/12 session was + (Area Code of Rochester, Minnesota), and the 8/16 session was + (Area Code for most of San Diego). Haha, I'm so lame.

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