Monday, October 25, 2010

Portfolio Update and Vanguard Index Fund News

Added a small position in SunPower (SPWRA) at 13.72 to the long-term portfolio. The company's stock has lagged its major competitors over the past 1-2 years, and I believe it's worth taking on some risk for a decent return if the company can continue to stay on track earnings-wise. Also, recently the company has reported some news suggesting that it is becoming more cost-competitive. All in all, as we approach year-end, 2010 is looking reasonably good and if the positive trend, I think we can see shares moving north of $16 by early next year.

Now, for Vanguard news... anyone that holds index funds through Vanguard should look into converting their Investor shares to Admiral shares. The Admiral share minimums were recently reduced to $10K (down from $100K). Admiral shares are much more cost efficient, as they carry an expense ratio that is roughly half that of Investor shares.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Possibly Good Idea for Satellite Radio

I subscribe to XM/Sirius satellite radio. I like it quite a bit, and I've been a listener for quite some time. In fact, I can't remember the last time that I listened to normal radio in my own car.

Here is one feature that I would personally use if they added it... a simple 'remember this song' button. Right now, as music is beamed down to my car radio, I can see the name and artist of the song being played on the display panel. And, often times, I really want to remember the song, because it's something new that I might want to hear more of. But, I clearly can't write anything down since I'm driving.

How nice it would be if I could just push a 'remember this song' button. And, based on my own preference, a compiled list will be sent to my e-mail once a week/twice a month/etc. The e-mail would not only include a list of the songs I've asked the system to remember, but it would also have some handy links that point me to where I could buy the songs or albums -- this feature would be something that XM/Sirius could monetize fairly easily.

It seems that when the radio is first turned on, it needs to make contact with the satellites to authorize. Why can't it simply send another buffer of data (songs to be remembered from my most recent trip) that was stored locally. Sure, we'd be lagging by a single trip, but that's better than nothing.

So, XM/Sirius people... get on this. But, remember not to charge extra for this feature, as few if any would find enough value in it to pay extra... just monetize by sending me links to purchase the music.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Another Quick Update

Sold Research In Motion (RIMM) Oct $52.50 calls for 0.53 against the Oct $50 calls I bought earlier this week at $1.20.

This means that I've effectively established a Bull Call Spread $50-$52.50 at a price of $0.67.

Excluding commissions, etc...

Break-even at $50.67
Max Loss (-$0.67) at $50 or below
Max Gain (+$1.83) at $52.50 or above