Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Margarets

Each year our company hosts a couple of interns from Norway who are here studying as part of an entrepreneurship program. Anyway, their last day at our company was last week, and as a going away gift, one of them gave me a CD with tracks from a soon-to-be released album by her fiancé's band, The Margarets. Yay, for getting gifts, because I'm the most awesome lunch time partner.

I did get to meet her fiancé when he was out here visiting. He was really a laid back and chill guy. But, other than small talk over a few beers at a company event, I didn't know much about him or his music. I have to admit I didn't know what to expect from the CD, as all I knew was that the band considers their music to be in the Brit Pop genre.

So, I listened to the album through once, and I thought it was alright; it certainly wasn't bad. Usually, I have to give music a second or third try before it really grows on me (or I end up not so into it). And, that's exactly what I did. I gave it a few more listens, and well, I have to say that the band's music has definitely grown on me a bit.

The band has a nice, sweet sound. In some of the tracks, I definitely get a Simon and Garfunkel feel. In others, I sense some Beatles, and maybe even hints of some U2. I really don't know, but I am totally digging most of the tracks. There are a few that don't really do it for me, but overall, the album's quite good.

Check out their MySpace page to listen to a few tracks. I think their song, The Woods, is fairly catchy. I also like Twenty Years Erased quite a bit. There are other songs on my 'pre-release' bootleg that are also excellent, but I have no idea what their names are, since all I've got is basically a CDR with untitled tracks.

Anyway, that's it... keep your eye out for them if they do make it out to your neck of the woods. You (probably) heard about The Margarets here first!

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