Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thiên Long

Another San Jose restaurant that I frequent is Thiên Long.  They cater to a mostly Vietnamese crowd, but the guys working there are friendly and will teach you how to eat their most popular dish, a grilled fish dish called bún chả cá lã vọng.  You get grilled fish cooked with onions and dill, rice noodles and garnish, and also rice paper with which to wrap everything up.  It's delicious.

However, the dish I like the best there is the steamed version called cá hấp thit cuốn bánh tráng. I think it's a bit healthier and has less sodium, plus I like the mushrooms and vegetables that come with it. And, I ask them to prepare the dish without pork, which they accommodate without issue.

One order easily feeds two people. If you like fish and fresh tasting foods, you definitely should check it out. I highly recommend this place.

Here are some pictures of my favorite dish there.

Rice Noodles, Fish Sauce, Cucumbers, Fresh Perilla Leaves

Steamed Fish, Vegetables and Mushrooms

Preparing to Roll Up the Fish, Vegetables, and Garnish

All Wrapped Up and Ready to Eat

Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Village Pub

I recently had brunch at The Village Pub in Woodside.  It's a somewhat fancy establishment, but prices are quite reasonable for brunch.  Both the service and the food were excellent.  I think I'm going to have to try doing dinner there some time.

Here are a few pictures.  Enjoy.

The Village Pub

SMIP Ranch Harvest Salad

Smoked Trout with Pumpernickel Toast

Sugar Pie Pumpkin Pancakes

Check Sleeve

Vegetarian House (Cult Restaurant)

I'm not sure why I haven't posted anything about the Vegetarian House in San Jose until now.  It's one of my favorite restaurants in the area.  Yes, it is run by a cult (Quan Yin Method) under the rule of the Supreme Master Ching Hai.  Aside from all the cult paraphernalia, they don't try to induct you or anything.  And, from what I can tell it's a fairly harmless cult.

It's a vegan restaurant, but the food there is incredible.  I can say that nearly everything I've had there is amazingly good -- though, I do try to stay away from the fried items.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the dishes they serve there.  Unfortunately, one of my favorites, Three Cup Wonder, is no longer available.  Hopefully, they can bring it back.  Apparently, they switched providers for one of the ingredients and the recipe didn't work with the new product.

If you're in the area and want to have a nice vegan meal, give them a try.  You won't be disappointed.  And, if you really didn't enjoy the food, you can always walk across the street and hit up Vung Tau, which I am quite fond of as well.

Vegetarian House Sign

Clay Pot Sensation - the best dish in my opinion

Sizzling Tofu

Three Cup Wonder - no longer available (hope that changes)