Wednesday, August 29, 2007


A serious down session was overdue for me... and tonight was the night. I started off the night amazingly well in the 8/16 game. In under an hour I was up 2 racks after 89s rivered the nut straight, and KK held up in an 8-way pre-flop capped pot. After these two hands, I did not win another pot in 3 hours.

It was not really a card-dead situation. It was basically being up against a better hand from the get-go, getting outflopped, getting turned, or getting rivered. It was really quite brutal. I don't think I played all that badly... there were definitely a few hands that I probably misplayed somewhat, but nothing egregious.

All three of the flushes I hit lost to bigger flushes. Twice I was up against a bigger flush, and once I made a flush on the turn only to have the 4th flush card hit the board. I never managed much of a comeback, and after being stuck 3 racks (~35 bets), I called it a night. It was one of those sessions where it almost didn't matter how the hands were played. Almost every hand was really straightforward, and I'm not sure I could have really saved myself that many bets.

I guess my luckbox card expired.

*** Edit #1 ***

Just wanted to say that while I didn't win another pot in the next 3 hours following the strong start, I did end up winning a few later, but none that really could save me from my eventual loss. It was a pretty consistent string of beat after beat.

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