Monday, August 20, 2007

Cold Showers Are Efficient

The big move is done, and I'm still really quite sore from all the heavy lifting. The move was pretty much completed by just 3 of us, CK, QB, and me. All in all, the actual moving time was around 5 hours or so, so it wasn't too bad. In addition to all that was in my smallish medium-sized single bedroom apartment, we got a few more pieces of furniture from QB's place.

Both QB and CK were pretty good at visualizing how to manuever the different pieces of furniture. I pretty much sucked at it. At one point I had almost convinced myself that one of the pieces could never make it up the stairs, but I was proven wrong. Hah.

Anyway, the move was completed smoothly, but even so, we were all pretty exhausted. And, so what do most people want to do after sweaty labor? Probably take a nice hot shower to relieve the stress in the muscles and then relax. What did I do? I took a frigid shower, because the water heater is apparently malfunctioning.

The builder sent one of the construction/maintenance guys to take a look at it today, and sure enough it's busted. So, they contacted the water heater company on my behalf. A dispatcher then called me to confirm that they had dispatched the service call and that I'd be getting a call about it. I received no further call, and by the time I called back about an hour later, they were already out for the day. Pretty annoying.

Anyway, I'm not going to die without hot water. And, after taking a couple cold ones, I'm getting pretty efficient at washing up. Other than being deprived the luxury of hot water, the 'living in the new place' experience has been good. I no longer have to hear random people talking loudly all night, listen to the deep bass beats emanating from the living room wall, or have to put up with the loud bathroom vent that comes on each time my apartment neighbor decides to drop the kids off at two in the morning.

The other day, we saw a pack of wild hogs cross the street. Anyone up for a lechón party? Ha ha.

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