Thursday, August 09, 2007

On Record

Well, I guess it's done now... I just got confirmation that the lender funded yesterday and I'm now officially on record as the new homeowner. Now, I'll just cross my fingers and hope (really, really hope) that I'm not completing this purchase at the edge of a cliff.

Assuming there's not a sick drop in house prices, which is definitely possible given the mortgage industry turmoil, I got a bit lucky in timing. I did a lot of the stock liquidation in the first half of July. And, now I'm hearing that Jumbo mortgage rates have spiked recently. I was able to lock in a 30-yr fixed at a 6.625% with no points and none of those b.s. loan origination fees. At the time, I was a bit bummed, since that was a bit higher than it was just a month before I locked. Today, I doubt I could get anywhere near that rate.

So, I'll be picking up keys later, and I'll probably take a few pictures of the empty house.

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