Friday, August 24, 2007

Poker Update and a Comeback Tale

Edited to correct the flopped straight hand.

Played two sessions this week with CK. Though the first session was highly profitable (+$517), it was a bit tense due to a two separate incidences of trash talk directed at me.

The first incident, I made a T-high flush on the river which also put a 4 straight on the board. I get raised and I 3-bet. My opponent calls, and he pretty much stares at the board as if he lost. Then he turns over his winner... an obvious slowroll. When another player asked him about his slowroll, he looks me in the eye and then says something to the effect of wanting me to feel really happy and good before crushing me. I proceeded to make it my duty to destroy him, and eventually he lost all his chips, rebought for another $120, and then lost it all before leaving.

At some point I get moved to another table, and there's this guy that is up a lot... he's got about $800 in front of him, and he's in great spirits. I am pretty sure I've played with him before, and he thinks he is much better than he really is, and loves to play way too aggressively. Anyway, one of my early hands at this new table, I open raise AJo in MP. I proceed to win the hand, and this guy tells the table how I'm a clown that raises trash like Ace-Jack.

I ignore him... and, later on I raise QQ and the flop comes Jack high with a 3. I bet the whole way and get popped on a 3 river. I am shown a ragged 3, and the guy laughs and tells me that's what happens when I play like a clown and raise with AJ. He tells me that since now that he knows I raise garbage like AJ, I'm going to get called down. I'm thinking to myself, wow... that makes absolutely no sense, but that's cool. I just have to wait for the cards even themselves out. If it happens, then this guy's going to give it all back. It didn't take too long, mostly because he way overplayed his hands. A few hours later, he has lost everything and heads home... a sad, sad loser.

Anyway, tonight's session started off horribly. I won a single pot in the first 2 1/2 hours, and it wasn't long before I was stuck a nice $380. I had bought my 3rd rack at this point. There weren't any really sick beats... it was just steady losing with solid hands that flopped decently. Often, I was simply behind to bigger hands... AQ vs AK twice, for example. After the dry spell, a few hands held up and I was only stuck about a rack. I was feeling pretty confident. The game was really quite good still.

The turning point for my night was a family pot where I limped in with K6h on the button. The big blind raises, and then some guy in EP 3-bets it all in. Everyone calls, so I go ahead and call two more bets... I mean, really, it's a family pot. I either hit this flop or I don't. The big blind caps it, and we see the flop 9 ways for 4 bets each, save for the one all-in guy who only put in 3 bets.

As most of you know, I'm a luckbox supreme. The flop comes K96 with 2 diamonds, and we get to the turn with 3 players for 4 bets apiece plus the all-in guy. The turn is a beautiful Kd, and the pre-flop capper bets into me. I raise, and he calls me down. I cracked his red AA, and scoop a monster. That hand put me ahead slightly, and I never really looked back after that.

There was another monster pot where I had JTo in the big blind. I see the 789 rainbow flop for free, and I get a ton of action from a guy that is drawing to a runner-runner chop with 56 for the other end of the straight. My nuts remain the nuts, and we go for a total of 4 bets (3-ways) on the flop, 1 bet (only the 56 caller) on the turn, and 3 bets on the river. Ka-ching!

The table eventually got short (4 - 6 handed), and I pretty much switched up my game to adjust to the new situation. The others mostly did not, and so I was able to run up a good bit more before the table broke. After being 3 racks deep, I cash out for a total of $911... a.k.a. a $311 profit. WOOT!

11 wins in 12 sessions... maybe I'll be able to furnish the house quicker than I expected. Heh.

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