Saturday, September 23, 2006

You Gotta Fight For Your Right

Dropped by Wienerschnitzel tonight for a midnight snack, and I noticed there was this huge banner in the front that offered you a free drink if the cashier did not ask you if you wanted one. So, anyway I called them on that, and the lady in charge refused to give it to me. She claimed that the promotion was no longer in effect. I just pointed out the gigantic banner, and said they should probably take it down if it wasn't available any more.

It's not that I really cared that much about the drink, but I really did not appreciate the manner in which she refused to make good on their promotion. She basically did this weird hand motion signaling an X. Giving me that X was pretty lame of her. So, at that point, I figured I'd just get the drink based on principle.

Eventually, they caved and gave me the free Coke. There is no way it is worth it for them to hold up the line at the cost of a soda. The guy behind me got a kick out of it, but too bad for him, I'm sure the cashier won't forget to ask if he'd like to order a drink.

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