Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blizzard in the Sierras

So, tonight I was chatting with Duke, and we ended up talking about old computer games. The actual conversation chain went something like...

SPEMIN is not a valid scrabble word. Damn, I've seen it somewhere before.

and then

Oh, I remember it from this old school computer game... Starflight.

From here we ended up talking about game software publishers, and Blizzard Entertainment, the makers of the mega-popular Warcraft series, came up. Anyway, that's not really the interesting thing. So, I was curious about the corporate side of Blizzard and found that it was owned by Vivendi Games.

Naturally, I looked into Vivendi Games. I typed into my browser, and I was transported to its website. And, what I see is none other than our old friend, Sierra Entertainment, maker of the amazing King's Quest (among other Quest) series. I mean it's all owned by Vivendi now, but it's amazing to see how companies evolve naturally or forcibly.

Anyway, it's nice to learn something new each day. So, what did I learn?

Sierra is still alive and kicking, and SPEMIN is not a word.

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