Saturday, September 02, 2006

Food, Drink, and More Food

I don't really have any big plans for this holiday weekend. So far, it's looking like I will be spending it eating and drinking with some relaxing (hopefully) in between.

Last night we had dinner at the original KrungThai restaurant. I think this restaurant serves the best tasting Thai food in the area. There is a nearly identical restaurant just down the street that is considered the new KrungThai (this is a different link than the previous one) restaurant. We had a fairly light dinner consisting of two dishes, the Jun Pad Poo (crab noodles) and the basil chicken. Both were very good, as expected.

Later on that night we went to Blowfish Sushi, located at the Santana Row (an upscale, ritzy shopping area). We didn't go there for food. At night their lounge gets very active. The restaurant eventually closes at around 11, and the lounge expands to cover the restaurant area. The music was pumping... it was mostly house music last night. Drinks are expensive there... you're looking at roughly $9 a drink. But, not by accident, we went with one of our friends who has a connection there.

The connection's a good one... he's a co-owner of the bar. So, pretty much we were on a flat rate order basis, meaning whatever we ordered (usually 4-6 drinks) we were charged a flat rate of $10. Obviously, you tip large on top of that, but it's a hell of a deal, and worked out nicely.

The crowd was definitely mixed, but it was primarily asian and white. The quality of the view was quite good... there was plenty of eye candy, and only a few, if any, dressed poorly for the night. Later, another guy (some card dealer over Lucky Chances) met up with us there, and we continued to party until the place closed and kicked everyone out.

From there, the four of us went to our favorite late-night Chinese food place, China Palace in Milpitas. The place is open until 3am, and the food here is very good and cheap... not inexpensive, cheap! We ordered venison, beef stew in a clay pot, some fish, and Mapo Tofu. There's already a super huge menu of about 200 items. But, when you look up on the walls, there's the 'secret' Chinese-only menu... another 50-100 items. The good thing is QB can read all that stuff, so we always get an even greater selection. And, as usual, the place was absolutely packed with people who, like us, had just left the bars and clubs in the area. After being stuffed, we went home and crashed.

Today, we went to Mayuri for some tasty Indian buffet. I first ate here with one of my Indian colleagues, and ever since, I've been going there when I get a craving for Indian. The food is full of flavor, and the selection is extensive. I wish they had more desserts, but other than that there's not too much I can complain about. And, I guess that is the end of the first quarter. I hope the rest of the weekend is just as enjoyable.

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