Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Let's Talk Poker...

Well, I'm on a nice streak right now... since I started playing live again, I'm 6 for 6 in winning sessions at the lovely Bay 101 cardroom.

Last night, however, was a serious uphill battle. I was stuck nearly 3 racks in the first 3 hours, and I was in for a total of 4 racks ($800). I got absolutely hammered. Caught a lot of great hands only to get hurt. Most memorable were losing with AQ to 34 suited on an AQ7 rainbow flop, losing with my K flush vs an A flush, and also losing with a flopped set of 7's when TT caught his 2-outer. Oh, and QQ on a 89TJx board chopping 3-ways pretty much sucks too.

But, I stuck with it. The table was still really soft, and I was not playing badly (at least not that I noticed). There was one particular strong read I had on an opponent... some might call it spewing, but I was confident enough to play it as I did. So, the game is 6-handed at this point and I'm sitting with 44 and I open-raise it. A crazy way over-aggressive love to bluff Korean dude cold calls on the button, and the big blind calls.

Flop comes K84.

Checks to me, and I bet. Crazy dude raises, blind folds, I 3-bet, and he calls.

Turn comes a 7.

I bet, he raises, I 3-bet, he 4-bets, I 5-bet, he 6-bets, I 7-bet... and against 99% of players, no way do we get past 4 bets. But, this guy's special... I mean, he's got Seoul (oops, I meant soul). He really loves outplaying you and bullying you around. I saw him go 4 bets with Ace high on more than one occasion. He doesn't think too much, but he does get lucky once in a while.

Finally, he calls.

The turn is some picture card... and I bet. He calls.

He has an extremely overplayed K7o. Now, I can argue that I overplayed my hand as well, but I guess I just had a good read on him. I'm glad he didn't have the 56, which is certainly in his cold-calling range, but his range is so large that he could have anything, really.

Anyway, after way too many hours, I clawed my way out of my hole, and left a small winner (dinner included)... yay!

I think some time in August, I'm gonna head down to LA and chill with Pet Dander and play a lot of poker. Maybe we can crush the games there like we did at the Orleans about a year ago... man, that was a sick night. We were basically seated at two separate tables, but we kept comparing our stacks throughout the night. We busted up our tables so badly it was sick. It'd be nice to repeat that performance.

Okay, you're probably bored now, so I'll stop. Check ya'll later.

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