Monday, August 21, 2006

Yabbie Dabba Doo

So, on Saturday night, QB and I headed out to San Francisco to meet up with a couple of my friends from high school and two of their friends. I had met the other two before a few times, but it's been a long, long time.

Anyway, so here's the line-up... there's me and QB. Then we have my high school buddies, Womper the Hawaiian dentist and AD the lawyer. Then, there is Mr. T, who I found out actually lurks on this blog, and is slowly becoming an avid investor. Finally, there's an Asian Avril Lavigne (AAL). She looks nothing like Avril Lavigne, but it's just as good a moniker as any other I can come up with right now.

We all made our way to Yabbie's Coastal Kitchen half an hour earlier than our reservations. We were promptly seated, and we went ahead and ordered drinks. Only QB and Womper had alcohol (white wine and beer, respectively). I just went for some Iced Tea.

Anyway, the place is pretty nice. It's not too fancy, but it's fancy enough where Womper felt underdressed in his Quicksilver T-Shirt. He never took off his jacket, because of this, which was great for the rest of us. Any time there was a lull in the conversation, we could just point at him and extract some bits of humor at his expense.

We all decided on a large Seafood platter to share, which was really quite good. The shrimp could have been a bit larger, but the oysters were great as were the other shellfish. The ceviche that came with the platter wasn't too bad either. Avril was a bit hesitant at first with the whole oyster slurping, since it's really not too lady like, and well... she's a lady. Womper and Mr. T pretty much went to town. We were all quite pleased with the platter, and I'm really glad we got it.

For our main course, I went with the bacon-wrapped Idaho trout. I've never had this combination before, and I felt that it worked out well. Here's a quick visual.

QB got a herself a halibut dish, which tasted great. I know this, because I got a piece. Avril had a seafood linguine that must have been good, since she took care of it completely. Mr. T had the special fish of the day, but for the life of me, I can't remember which kind it was. Womper had cioppino and AD had a grilled chicken dish. Not sure if that's because he's not too into seafood, or if he just felt like chiken. It was all Mr. T's idea to get seafood, so if AD wasn't too happy with the restaurant choice, he can blame him.

Here are two quick shots of the cioppino and the halibut.

Some of us had dessert. I had a decent, but fairly unextraordinary creme brulée. Mr. T and Womper had a flourless chocolate cake. Nothing too interesting.

After our meal, we hit up the Royal Oak just down the street. It had a weird vibe. It seemed like it catered to an older crowd, but I really don't know. Maybe that was probably because we were there pretty early. The seats were comfortable and high. It really did feel a bit royal in terms of decor. The server screwed up our drink orders a bit, and we pretty much split after our first round.

We then walked a long ways to Sip Bar and Lounge. At first, we were really not too pleased with the place, because there wasn't much room to lounge. We mostly wanted to relax, drink, and chat, but tables were all reserved, and outside of that there were two small 3-seater sofas available. Luckily, we were able to snag one of those, and so that pretty much became our base. Lots of drinks and a good amount of random conversation later, we headed off to get some xiao ye (literally means midnight snack, but it was more like 1:30am) over at New Sun Hong Kong Restaurant. The food was okay, but since we were all mostly drunk, it was great. After our midnight meal, we called it a night and headed home.

The next day, I woke up at 2:45pm. At some point, I made it to the gym... why am I mentioning this? Oh yeah, because I wanted to tell you about the guy who said something pretty rude and loudly to his (overweight) girlfriend for all to hear...

Girlfriend: I can't wait to lose weight so I can try on the new clothes I got. They're definitely the kind that look good on skinny people.

Boyfriend: How the hell does that make sense? Do you buy your furniture before you buy the house too?

Girlfriend: Well, you don't have to be rude, buttface.

And, I'll leave it at that. Later, people.


chococat said...

hahaha I like how she called him "buttface".
Good post, you've been posting a lot lately!

Brute Force said...

Ya, 'buttface' was a money finish... and I totally neglected to mention the 2am Chinese food. I've updated the post now with the little bit of extra info.