Saturday, August 19, 2006

Going Away Parties and More

The Norwegian students have now completed their summer internships as of yesterday. And, off they go to explore some other parts of California before they finally make the journey home.

On Thursday night, the Norwegians threw a party at their apartment complex. Similar to the partying from last year's batch of Scandinavian interns, there was plenty of booze and plenty of craziness. One entrepreneurial Norwegian female went around recruiting partners for her new "alternative energy" venture. Her idea was to produce alternative energy via making out with a bunch of guys. Whether all that making out actually produced energy or not, I have no idea, but it was entertaining to watch the recruiting process. Some Silicon Valley start-ups could learn a thing or two about how to attract new talent.

Last night, we tried a small sushi joint nearby, called Truya Sushi. Let me give you the verdict: two thumbs down. It's simply no good. We probably should have left once we saw the fish, but we were already seated. And, I'm already a bit too presumptuous an individual. Well, I ordered mostly cooked stuff, to minimize my unsatisfaction. If the raw pieces turned out good, I could always order more later. The fish was not fresh, and even the cooked foods were not prepared well. At least the place was fairly inexpensive. Another early warning sign that we ignored was that they delivered sushi. So, I guess this is the Domino's Pizza of sushi. Anyway, it sucked.

Tonight, QB and I are heading out to San Francisco to meet up with a couple of old high school friends (Womper and AD), and a few of their friends. Womper was the dentist guy I met up with in Hawaii, and AD, I haven't seen in a couple of years. Hopefully, it should be fun. I've made reservations tonight for all of us at Yabbie's Coastal Kitchen up in the Russian Hill area. I'm sure the food's going to be at least 50x better than the food I had last night. I've heard and read good things about the place. I'll give my quickie review at some point.

Okay, everyone... go have a fun weekend. I'm outta here.

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