Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Running Good

The poker winning streak lives on... so, last night I was dead tired and I went to bed shortly after I got home from work. But, you all know how it is when you go to sleep at too early a time. I ended up waking up after what turned out to be a long nap.

After surfing the web a bit and doing absolutely nothing, I got a bit bored. So, I went to the local card room. I got there around 3am or so, and I found out that only a single 6/12 game and one 8/16 game were going. Lucky for me, I saw two of my favorite donator types with a fair amount of money in front of them in the 8/16, so I opted for that table.

I ran well, and the deck hit me pretty damn hard. When I was done, I had amassed an obnoxious number of chips. I had built myself a nice triangle of chips that was 5 rows deep. And, as the chips kept coming in, I built upwards. I am sure that the ancient Egyptians would have been proud of my building skills.

Time to head off to work now, I suppose. Hope everyone's day is off to a great start.

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