Saturday, August 05, 2006

Gaming at Casino Brute Force

Well, QB and I are probably going to party in Vegas some time in October or November. We're likely going to be joined by the GZA and PetDander... and anyone else who wants to head that way, let me know.

So, we got to talking about Vegas, and the topic of Blackjack came up. Now, I know that the game can be beaten with an appropriate counting system. Outside of counting or incredibly good shuffle-tracking, it's not possible to win in the long-run. QB feels that she's got a 6th sense... some special voodoo mojo, if you will.

I challenged her on it, and she decided it was best for us to put money where our mouths were. So, we played Blackjack, and I was the house. It was a single-deck game with favorable rules for the player. Bets ranged from $1 to $5 a hand.

After a while, Casino Brute Force was up $37. Lucky for QB though, she's a platinum card holder at the casino. So, it wasn't a total loss. She got comped lots of drinks and also a free room for the night. What a deal!

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