Sunday, July 30, 2006

An Exhausting Weekend

I'm going to make this weekend update quick, because frankly, I'm dead tired.

So, Friday, QB and I went to a BBQ, which was followed up with a party. It wasn't a big party, maybe a total of 18 people showed up. But, there was more hard liquor than there was beer, and it was roughly a 2:1 female-male ratio, so as you can imagine, it was pretty nuts. The food was great... there was all sorts of meat and grilled corn and asparagus along with plenty of side dishes. Lots of good times and lots of booty-shaking (to the music).

Everyone pretty much passed out by 2am. I didn't really pass out from drinking or anything, mostly just from being exhausted due to lack of sleep. Anyway, we left early in the morning before the sun had come up.

Saturday was a day of rest. Sunday was going to be a big day.

Anyway, that brings us to today. Got up early in the morning and headed to Cache Canyon for self-guided Level 3 whitewater rafting. It's really a lot of fun. Level 3 rapids are pretty much the highest level that you are allowed to do on your own. We got totally drenched and QB was thrown out of the raft once. She totally freaked out, but everything was fine. Some guy did require a trip to the hospital, since he dislocated his shoulder pretty badly when he was flung from his raft and onto some large rocks. After nearly 4 hours of fighting the rapids and all the muscling, we finished. The entire journey was only 9 miles, but it wasn't easy... it took 4 hours after all. It was an awesome time. If you've never tried rafting before, I highly recommend it.

We learned from our previous rafting experience, and we brought a change of clothes (including shoes). After getting into some dry clothing, we headed off to Cache Creek Casino to play some poker and have dinner. I played in a ridiculously soft 4/8 game with full kill. It was the biggest game that they spread, but man, talk about a group of players that had absolutely no clue. The players there made Bay101 players look like pros. The annoying thing about Cache Creek poker is their cards. They use the Jumbo Sized print cards, which makes it difficult to read your hand without peeling your cards way up. Pretty annoying. Anyway, won about 8 bets in a couple of hours, and then off to the buffet we went.

The food at the Cache Creek Buffet is decent. While it wasn't bad, it probably was not worth the $24. We totally stuffed ourselves with food, and then made the drive home. And, two and a quarter hours later, here we are... sore, sunburnt, and beat.

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