Friday, July 13, 2007

The Thrill of Victory

I haven't played much live poker recently, save for the recent Vegas trip and one short and only mildly profitable spread-limit session. Well, tonight I found the time to play a solid six hour session of 8/16 at good old Bay 101. The table was wild, nutty, and full of tilty players. One guy even got kicked out for the night for being a too loud, pissed off, and throwing his pocket aces at another player, barely missing.

The session started out poorly, when KK and QQ both got cracked in a single orbit. But, then about a half an hour later, I got AA twice in three hands, and both times it held up in capped family pots... I told you it was a wild game. After this turn of events, I was simply on fire... making strong plays at the right times, protecting my hands and getting full value for almost everything.

Anyway, I quit near the peak of my session. By the end of the night I had a rather obnoxious mountain of chips in front of me... I cashed out 7 racks having bought in for one, which means up a whopping 75 bets. Yay!

I don't expect to run this well again any time soon. It just doesn't happen that often. So when it does, you really gotta cherish it. It doesn't get much better than the combination of playing well and having the deck hit you pretty hard.

Okay, I really ought to go to bed. We're having a company picnic tomorrow, and I'm in charge of the young ones. I'm going to teach the kids how to play Nim, and maybe have a small tournament, hehe.

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