Friday, July 20, 2007

Another Quick Update and More

Today, I sold the Amgen (AMGN) January '08 $40 LEAPs (AMQAH) at 17.50.

And, I tried to buy back the FormFactor July $40 put options, but ultimately my order did not fill, and I didn't have time to take action before the market closed. Recall that I had sold the contracts for 0.80, before I knew that I would definitely need to raise cash. I was hoping to get back in at $39.20 effectively. But, things have changed since then. So, some time next week I will be selling the shares that will be put to me. Before or after their earnings announcement (July 25)... that is the question.

Well, I hit up Bay101 for some 6/12 with my buddy K last night. He played really well, and picked up a nice $370. I managed to make $212 after peaking at a whopping +$520 or so. I would say that of the $300 down swing, around $80 of it was due to sub-optimal play, which came in the form of mild tilt after I took a few pretty sick beats... those beats would account for the majority of the difference. Anyway, it's been a good week of poker... 3 sessions, and just under a 2K score in total.

It's nice to find time again to work on the part-time 'job'. The house stuff is more or less all under control now, and I'm mostly just waiting for the escrow company to give me a final schedule. I guess after I get the place, I will have to figure out the furniture situation. Moving from a small 1 bedroom apartment into a 4 bedroom house is going to be pretty weird. I'm still nervous as hell about all of this, but I'm really trying my best to not go crazy with the negative what-if thoughts.

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