Friday, July 27, 2007

Five in a Row

Well, Captain Kings and I hit up Garden City tonight. We ended up never being seated at the same table, but it worked out for the best probably. If he's at my table, it's simply one less fish to take money from and potentially splitting the 'expectation' bucks with someone that has a clue about the game.

The table was soft as is typical in a California card room, and if my two sessions this week at Garden are any indication, I would say that the average player there is even worse than the typical players at Bay101. So, I just might have to play here more. The main negative about playing at Garden is that I know a large number of the players at Bay, so I'm able to better able to exploit player-dependent weaknesses.

I played a really aggressive game tonight. I didn't have any really big hands, and only once I had QQ that won a small pot heads-up against a blind. A good part of the win tonight had to do with me running over the table, partly due to the fact that I was able to establish a very strong table image early on. As a result, I was fortunate enough to pull off a few well-timed bluffs, and despite being sucked out on pretty badly a few times, I managed to kill the table.

It was like I zigged when I should have zigged, and zagged when I should have zagged. When I had a big hand, I was often getting full value plus some philanthropic crying calls. And, when I didn't have as much, I was able to take down pots with standard continuation bets. In the end, it was an excellent session... +$504.

I could have played more tonight as the game was still juicy, but I told QB I wouldn't stay out too late so that I wouldn't be dead-tired when we kick it tomorrow night. This extends the win streak to 5.

Let's just hope that there isn't another bloodbath in the markets tomorrow to ruin my multi-session rush.

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