Thursday, July 26, 2007

Brutal Day

Today has been one brutal day for the markets. Credit concerns, housing numbers, Exxon miss, and the list keeps on... who knows where we're headed.

In the morning, FormFactor (FORM) was the only positive in the Portfolio. It was sold off at 40.86. And, now I see that it's in the red along with all the others.

It's brutal, but to be honest, we've all had it pretty good so far. Since last May, I don't think we've seen much more than a 5% dip. I remember reading that such a long bullish run without any 10% correction being quite rare.

Anyway, enjoy your day and keep your mind off of the markets. Unless you're net short, in which case, go have a drink.

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Never-Limp said...

I hate housing and related stocks. There is massive oversupply in aggregate and still a ton of ARMS that will reset over the next several months. Throw in tighter lending standards and you have a perfect storm.