Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More Selling and a Bit of Poker

Sold off some more stuff this morning...

45% of Eastman Kodak (EK) at 28.50
50% of Fortune Brands (FO) at 83.10

*** Edited to correct the Turn card below. ***

So, last night was another 8/16 poker session. I managed to pick up around 30 bets after maybe 5 or so hours of play. Generally speaking, I made good plays and got paid in full for all my strong hands. However, there was one hand where I put in all my money way, way behind and couldn't even bet the river when I got extremely lucky.

Anyway, I limp two off the button after several limpers with 78d. An OK player who is sort of tilted right now raises it on the button, and we see the flop about 6 ways for a couple bets apiece. Flop comes out AT8, rainbow with a diamond. We check to the raiser who bets, everyone else folds. I go ahead and call getting good odds.

The turn brings a 7 putting up a flush draw (not mine, of course), and I'm thinking should I bet out right now, or should I try and raise him. I get the feeling he likes his hand, so I go for a check-raise. That feeling of mine is confirmed and is quickly replaced by that really sick feeling in your stomach when he 3-bets me. I really want to fold, but the pot tells me I can't, so I call intending to check-call the river only if it brings a 7 or an 8. There's just not much hope for me. The river brings me a 7, which guarantees a showdown. I check. When he checks, I know I've won.

He turns over A8s in disgust, and only then did I see just how far behind I was and how slim I was drawing. Money put in when behind? $72 Money put in when ahead? $0. That's not how you play winning poker. But, yay for being a luckbox. I suppose that hand makes up for the JJ, QQ, KK that went down in flames.

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