Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Poker Win Streak and Story of 9's

Chalked up a solid winning session tonight over at Garden City. Four in a row constitutes an official streak in my book. The plan was to head out to the card room and eat some prime rib with a co-worker and Captain Kings (CK) and do some pokering. Anyway, we get there only to find out that the restaurant is undergoing serious renovation and was closed, and we found out that table service on the casino floor was super slow.

So, we went over to this random place next door called Harry's Hofbrau. The place reminded me of a cafeteria at an old person's home. Prices were reasonable, and the portions were healthy. The food wasn't bad for the money, but it really wasn't my sort of atmosphere. It really seemed like a senior citizen center for some reason.

Okay, onto the poker...

CK and I get seated in a 6/12 game and I am pretty much card dead, but I'm playing tiggity-tight to protect my money. After some time, I'm up maybe a hundred, but then slowly get whittled down as my card deadedness continues. Got a few hands cracked, and then next thing I know I'm stuck about a hundred. No big deal... CK was mostly spinning his wheels, and he left a tiny loser, might as well call it break-even for all intents and purposes.

After CK leaves, I get hurt in a couple big pots where I flopped sets. One guy spiked his 2 outer, which converted his overpair into an overset, beating my set of 9's. In the other hand, some guy managed to stick around with 76o on a 87T flop when I held 88, and caught a 9 on the river. It's around this time when I reload for another rack.

Not long after I get one of those hands made in heaven. I cold call with red 99 in the cutoff after a guy raises some limpers and gets everyone after him to cold call his raise. It's a family pot for two bets apiece. The flop comes a lovely Kc 9c 4x. So, the raiser bets and gets all the callers possible, and I raise it up. The button now 3-bets, and it is capped by the small blind. The raiser and the rest of us call. It was maybe 7 of us to the turn for 4 bets apiece.

The turn is an absolute beauty... a 4c. It now checks to me and I bet out. The button now raises, and the small blind cold calls as well as the initial raiser and one other guy. I 3-bet, and now the button caps it up, which puts him all in. The other two players call the capped bet along with me. The river is an offsuit 8. Checks to me, and I bet, and both players call. Button has K4s for 4's full of Kings, small blind has a T-high flush, initial raiser has KQ, and I scoop up a monster pot.

Now, that I'm unstuck... I'm coasting and play pretty boring tight-aggressive ABC poker, and walk out a $508 winner. Yay! I guess I've got time to tell the story of another hand... one that ate at me quite a bit. Basically, I made a bad (? - really up for debate) river laydown that cost me a pot.

Coincidentally, I've got red 99 again. And, I limp on the button after a few limpers. Sometimes I raise it in this spot, but for better or worse, I limped this time. The flop comes out 7 6 5 rainbow. Big blind bets out, and a lady who recently sat, but has not really gotten much out of line, calls his bet. The guy before me also calls, and I raise. The bettor now 3-bets, and the 3 of us call.

The turn brings out an Ace, completing the rainbow. The bettor now bets his last chips all-in. The lady calls, as does the guy after. I'm a bit confused now and I'm not that sure where I'm at. I think about it a bit, and I call. The river brings another Ace. Now, lady bets out and guy calls. I actually call for time here, and can't think of a good reason to overcall here. I let the hand go... and much to my chagrin, it was a winner.

The big blind had a weirdly played K6s (probably brought on by the "I want to get all-in" mentality, which I failed to properly take into account), the lady had Q7h, and the guy that called last mucked his hand. I felt a bit sick after that hand... I just couldn't figure out how I could have been ahead. I guess everyone makes a bad laydown every now and then. Still eats at me though... ugh.

As you can see, the night really revolved around the number 9... it sure would have been surreal if the card room played Revolution 9 for all of us. Hah.

Okay, I better try and get some sleep. It's not easy as the adrenaline is still pumping and I'm really wired from the coffee I had there.


Never-Limp said...

Nice session! I don't think that I've flopped 3 sets all month.

I would have likely called on the river with the 9's there because the ace on the river gives you a higher two pair (versus a hand like 67 or 56) and the pot is very big. I hate folding a decent hand for one more bet in a big pot.

That sounded like a very juicy table btw.

Brute Force said...

Ya, you're right that it's a definite call. I thought about it more and think I must have just had a really bad lapse or something.

The best thing is that all California card rooms have sick juicy tables like this. Makes even the soft online tables look tough.