Saturday, July 21, 2007

Jalapenos and a Keychain

A few months ago QB and I bought a jalapeno plant (and a basil plant, but it died). Only recently did we actually get any peppers out of it... 3 of them to be exact. Not knowing much about jalapenos, we allowed one of them to ripen fully, which means the pepper turned bright red. Kind of neat I guess, I had never known that jalapenos turned red eventually.

Here are a couple shots of our peppers. They've already been eaten, and we found that they were medium spicy at best.

And, earlier this week I got a gift from Rowr. It's a casino chip keychain... a Mandalay Bay poker chip to commemorate the un-boll weevil-ble time we had donking it up at the 4/8 table there back in March. In case you forgot all about the comedy duo Vegas debut, here's a link. And, here is a pic of the keychain. Thanks, Rowr!

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