Tuesday, November 14, 2006

2-7 Triple Draw

Okay, after a decent online session I decided to give 2-7 Triple Draw a try on PokerStars. And, I must say that the game's a lot of fun. It's really subtle, and it's plenty different than any poker game, even Razz. Anyway, I donked it up playing the $0.50/$1 limit. And, I lost a few bets (meaning $5). Give it a try if you get bored of the other games.

*** Edit ***

Okay, I'm kind of hooked on this new game. So, I went back to play some more at the same tiny limits. I can now say that I am officially ahead in 2-7 Triple Draw for my lifetime (a whopping $4). I guess I am officially ahead lifetime in Let It Ride also. However, unlike Let It Ride, I suspect I will play more Triple Draw in the near future.

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gaamblor said...

check out my friend Chris Fargis' blog


he is one of the top triple draw players around and has lots of interesting posts about it