Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween and Tires

Well, last night was pretty awesome up until I hit some metal crap on the freeway on the drive home. QB and I basically partied with a few friends over in Moutain View. Everything was great and everyone had a good time. The Holy Shit costume was a hit. While last year's tree costume got a good reception, this year's costume drew quite a few women that wanted to have their pictures taken, etc. I'll probably share a few pictures later on... maybe even the one with the lady wearing nothing but fishnet for a top... well, I take that back I suppose there was some dark tape covering her nipples. Ha ha.

Anyway, tires are expensive. The metal stuff I hit did a good amount of tire damage, wiping out both tires on the driver's side. I had to wait for quite a while in the middle of the night to get towed. At least the tow was covered by insurance. So that's pretty much how my Halloween night went from great to ugh.

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