Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Quick Update

Got nervous on the Amazon (AMZN) short, and covered at 41.05. Good for a $1.05 gain, but not quite what I had initially thought would be my exit point. I will definitely re-short this if it moves to the upside. The GDP data today really pushed the markets higher, and sentiment has swung back to being quite positive.

*** Edit #1 ***

First, let me kick myself a little bit for covering the AMZN at an intraday top. Doh!

Second, I went ahead and initiated a position in Coventry Health Care (CVH) at 46.68. This is just a start, as I intend to add to this position.


gaamblor said...

that's funny, I did the same thing though a bit better price (40.7)

cvh looks like a pretty good play

I'm hoping to get into that group next year after the dems do some saber rattling about healthcare reform

Brute Force said...

Hah, that is funny. You get nervous in the same way?

I'm liking the managed healthcare group, and I don't think what the Dems do will be so bad as to hurt them significantly.