Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Trading and Poker Update

Well, unfortunately I got a bit greedy when I set my order to dump the Oct 20 Intel calls (NQJD) this morning. My price missed by a touch, and well, the market pulled back and now I'm more or less even on that trade... plus or minus a little. Will definitely dump the calls before the week is over, as this was a pure gamble, and I don't intend to buy shares.

Additionally, I dumped the Multi-Fineline Electronix (MFLX) shares today for a 12% overall loss at 22.65. It's a shame I didn't dump it earlier when I first saw the not-so-positive motives of the Roth & Stark buying spree. Bah.

In better news, I did chalk up another nice win last night at the lowly $6/12... I'm no baller.

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