Sunday, October 22, 2006


Yesterday, we checked out the Oktoberfest festival in historic downtown Campbell. It was fun, and there was a good turn out. We had plenty of beer and food. They served three types of Spaten beer at the festival... lager, wheat, and of course, the dark Oktoberfest variety. We ate these ginormous sausages from the Lockeford Meat and Sausage company, and we were totally suffed. When we got home after spending several hours at the festival, we pretty much went into a coma resulting from overeating and all the beer-drinking in the hot sun.

Lots of different vendors were there at the festival, too. Many you would expect at a festival like this one, like those selling foods and clothes. But, others you wouldn't quite expect, like one booth that was selling insects encasedin clear plastic molds. While pretty freaky, it was one of the more popular booths. We almost bought a few of them, but decided it'd be a waste of money. An insect keychain cost just as much as beer... insect or beer? Hmmm... Insect... beer. Insect... beer. BEER!

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