Saturday, October 28, 2006

Holy Shit! It's a Viking!

Last night, we had planned on going out to a costume party in Palo Alto. Then, we got invited to a house party that was a bit closer, so it just made more sense to go to that one. We figured if the house party was no good, we always had our original plan to fall back on.

I was going as Holy Shit. I am basically wrapped up in brown fabric without any armholes with angel wings made of toilet paper and a halo. Also, there were random strands of toilet paper attached to give the poopy effect. QB went as a sexy Viking. My costume actually held up okay, but I'll have to do some rework on it before the next party and before our office costume party. I'm going to add some corn kernels to the fabric, and possibly buy a cheap made-for-Halloween cross to wear. I've decided to stop being so damn paranoid and just post up pics without my usual blurring out of faces.

Anyway, we get there around 9, and the party is already in full swing. Everyone's drinking, dancing, and having a ball. You could see lots of extra provocative costumes everywhere, since they had a contest just for that. The winner was a lady with a super skimpy Strawberry Shortcake outfit. The second place winner was a voluptuous lady with everything hanging out. And, third place winner wore a sexy flight attendent that I'm sure would outdo any of the attendents on a flight on the now defunct HootersAir line.

But, the craziest thing happened that night, and it really goes to show how small a world we live in. So, I ran into a high school buddy that I haven't seen since we graduated... over ten years ago. It was really random. I was chatting with a few people while hidden inside my costume, and this guy in a Tyvek costume came by to chat, and I totally recognized him. And, I asked what his name was... he replied Edward. Back in school, we called him Eddie. I then gave him his last name and asked if he ever lived in Riverside. He confirms, and I poke my head out of my costume, and the dude tripped out.

There was a lot of catching up, and man that was nuts. So, anyway, the party was still going on strong when we left. I'm getting too old to party hard on Fridays after a long day at work.

Have a Happy Halloween party-filled weekend!

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crestfallen7 said...

You are a freak. I can't believe you spent 5 hours making that piece of crap! Haha. Hope you're having fun.