Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sushi Dinner... Compliments of the Queen

Late Friday night, I played some graveyard shift poker at the local card room from 1:30 to around 6:30 in the morning. I played well, but the weirdest thing happened that session. I was dealth pocket queens FIVE times. Pretty nuts considering we're only seeing about 30 hands an hour. I never did get any other big pairs.

Lucky for me, my queens held up 4 times. Once, I got lucky and flopped a set against AA. And, twice, it held up in spite of an ace on the board. The one time it did lose, I paid dearly when a not-so-good player actually turned a flush, but waited for the river to raise me. Looking back, I don't think she meant to be sneaky, she just wanted to make sure her hand was going to be good before she put in extra money. Anyway, I 3-bet her, and she called.

The night was good for a good score, and so yesterday, QB and I went to Sushi Tomi in Mountain View. It was great. The fish was very fresh. The only thing was that the cuts were a bit on the smaller side. This sushi place came highly recommended by a co-worker of mine who really knows his stuff when it comes to Japanese dining and culture. Definitely a good place for sushi, so try it some time.

Following our dinner, we met up with a few freinds at the Buddha Lounge nearby. I used to go here a lot more, but this was the first time in a while. It was good that we got in before they started charging a cover. In the past, they never did charge any cover. I guess they're trying to eke out more money from its patrons these days. The drinks were also a bit more expensive than I had remembered too. The place was pretty much popping though, and the ratio was alright (not that it matters for me, hah).

We left before the music died, and found ourselves at the card room for some food. We munched on some chicken nachos and some super spicy buffalo wings before we called it a night. One of the guys went to go play some cards, but we left just as he sat down, so I have no idea how he did. And, I guess that's it. Time to relax, I'm beat.

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