Monday, May 02, 2005


Well, I just entered into a huge time sucking endeavor. This black hole for time is Sid Meier's Pirates! game. It was a really old game that I spent many hours playing in my youth. Late last year they completely redid the game to catch it up to speed with today's games. Well... I just spent 8 hours playing it.

This is bad news. Very bad for two reasons.

1) I have to go to work, and I'm very tired.
2) I have not one, but THREE poker bonuses to clear. PokerRoom, PartyPoker, and now PokerNow. And, now I'm way behind, which is very bad because these bonuses expire if not completed by their expiration dates.

But, the game is incredibly fun and full of adventure. Try it some time (if you have time!). Oh, just to make things really clear... no, I did not pirate Pirates!, I actually bought it on Amazon.

Looks like oil has fallen to $49 a barrel. And, the panic level of many of my peers has increased dramatically in the last week and a half. This bodes well for the markets, generally. The masses are often incorrect, and the point of greatest fear and panic often denotes a (near-term) bottom. Think of the well-known put/call ratio, and why a high ratio is a bullish indicator and why a low one is considered bearish.

In other market news, Altria decided not to buy the Croatian tobacco factory, Tvornica Duhana Rovinj. They don't need them anyway. They have some control over Serbian tobacco, which gives them enough exposure in that region.

Ok, start of a new week. Hope everyone's having fun. That's all for now.

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