Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Move

I spent the day helping a friend with a move. He and his girlfriend have decided to move in together. Since, the destination was a completely new place, it was a double move. Moving his stuff to the new apartment was simple; he just didn't have that much to move. However, moving her belongings proved to be a much more challenging task. Despite the strenuous physical labor, the move was somewhat enjoyable. Got to shoot the shit with some friends, and got a workout on top of that.

But, don't get me wrong... moving is still a pain. I'm sure it's enjoyable maybe once every other year or so. Any more than that, and it is exactly as most envision it.

The really cool news was that I got hooked up with a pair of pre-released Nike shoes. They'll be out in October, I hear. Very cool.

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