Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Everyone's Favorite Color

Some of you may have heard about this theory of mine. I think that it is an interesting speculation, and it'd be really hard to know if it were true anyway.

So, let's say that everyone has a favorite color. Some like red; others like black. Everyone says that favorite color is really based on individual choice and is highly subjective. Say some person told you that Black cannot be your favorite color, and if you were to claim it was, then you were believing in a falsity. You'd likely call that person crazy. But, my theory is that there is no subjectivity at all when it comes to favorite colors.

Let's simplify the world. Say the world has exactly 5000 discernable colors. Now, let's say that there exists an Absolute Truth Color Ordering. We now have a list of 5000 colors, labeled 1 (for best) to 5000 (for worst). No matter what, Color 1 is the best color... it is the absolute truth.

So, take your favorite color. That color is Color 1 in this absolute list. Your favorite color might be Blue, but you only call it that because that's the name you learned for it. My favorite color is Black, but it, too, is Color 1 in this absolute list. I just happened to learn it under a different name. If you were somehow able to jump into my body and utilize my brain, you would see that objects you know to be Blue now look Black to you. Why? Because, we live in a paint by number world. Every single color is simply some wavelength that gets converted to a color. But, what if the wavelength-to-color mapping function were different for all people? This would mean that every single person really could in fact have the same favorite color. And, if your favorite color was not Color 1, then you have been led to believe a lie. Note that this can happen if Color 1 in the Absolute Truth sense was a color that you have not yet been exposed to in your life.

Maybe none of us has much choice at all. We can generalize this theory and consider texture, sound, etc. in a similar manner. What if painted art was not a subjective subject after all? Painted art is merely a mixing of colors in different ways. What if a painting can be broken down into WxH pixels like a Windows BMP? What if the artistic value of the painting was simply the result of a function that took in WxH color values as inputs? Now, since everyone's color values are identical via the Absolute Truth Color Ordering list, everyone's appreciation of paintings is actually identical. There's nothing subjective about it at all. We just happen to have different mapping functions for converting real-world traits into our perceived colors.

Maybe this is why certain people like lizards, and others prefer the company of kittens. Maybe the furry feel of kitten fur is equivalent (in the Absolute Truth sense) to the feel of scaly reptile skin. How about foods? Some prefer spicy foods, and others cannot take even the slightest amount of heat. This theory explains why people often have their own "types" when it comes to attraction to the opposite sex.

There exists an Absolute Truth to everything. Nothing is subjective.

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