Friday, May 20, 2005

Missing Something?

Just an update... Well, today I covered my HOTT short position. Took a loss of just over 5%. Time to play a game with y'all. Note that I don't ever utilize that particular contraction. Only Texans or those from most Southern states would utilize it. What is this game? Keep reading.

My audience should hopefully realize that something is clearly missing from this blog entry. Perhaps it isn't quite obvious at this point. However, if I am lucky it will become clear as I write more. This blog is particularly difficult to write, because I am purposely ignoring something. What is it, someone might ponder... that is really something that my blog readers should discover themselves.

Forgive me if my prose sounds slightly awkward. It is challenge enough to limit myself completely in this manner. I doubt I could have made this less awkward than it is currently.

If able to discover what is missing from this blog, congratulate yourself. It might be obvious only to truly keen observers. Or, maybe I am fooling myself... maybe what is missing is actually obvious to everyone.

Okay, as I write more, this game gets easier. Already many hints have been given up to this point. I will stop. Good luck. Enjoy.

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