Saturday, May 07, 2005

A Gay Proposal

So, I'm at the mall today to pick up a few things for the upcoming trip to Hawaii when a young gentleman reaches and feels the cloth of my shirt. I give him the WTF? look, but this man was undeterred. Apparently, he saw what he thought was a good shot. Much like how guys will strike when the iron is hot if they see a favorable opportunity with a fine lady..

"What a unique color you have on."
"Uhh... thanks," as I walk away.
"Where did you get it, it really does look nice on you."

I turn around give a quick glance back... "I can't remember, probably New York."

"Are you from around here?"

I hurry off to seek my girlfriend's protection. This is very strange, indeed. The shirt I had on was a very normal color (a pale blue). I don't see why he think that I batted for the other team. I'll try to be straight with all of you (pun intended)... this situation was pretty funny overall.

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