Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Cool Search Feature

Just today I got to trying a new AskJeeves' search feature. It's very nice, and I think it would make AskJeeves the search engine of choice for certain types of searches. The feature I am talking about is the Binocular Look-ahead feature.

Try it. Go to and do a search. Now, scroll past any paid advertisement links. There should be a binocular icon for each page returned by your search result. Okay... mouse-over the binoculars. Don't click it, just mouse-over. Very useful.

For those searches that might bring you a lot of advertisement links, this feature would surely help. It would help you weed out the advertisement and uninteresting web pages quickly. If they keep coming out with features such as this one, I think they will slowly gain ground in the search battle.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. I really like this new search feature that AJ implements. I have to admit it is pretty original. To add to your blog though, I think it is valuable for not only avoiding advertisements but also for getting a quick content view rather than having to click on the result link. As an AJ investor, I am pretty pleased with this new search feature.