Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bonus Update.

Party Poker bonus has been cleared. So, instead of wasting my time playing Pirates!, I spent 4 hours tonight clearing the Party bonus. I finally ran well tonight. I had been on a rather flat run for some time, but tonight was quite different. It's nice to have a change of pace when you've been idling.

Premium hands actually held up tonight for the most part. A sampling of premium hands from tonight follows.

AA : 4 / 4
KK : 3 / 3
QQ : 2 / 3
JJ : 1 / 1
AKs: 0 / 0
AKo: 1 / 3
AQs: 2 / 3
AQo: 2 / 6

The largest loss I had in a single hand tonight was my 99. Flop came J92 with a flush draw. Flush came on turn. River paired the turn. I was up against JJ. That's poker for you. As they say, if you don't lose a ton when you flop a set, you probably didn't play it correctly.

Anyway, off to bed. Don't forget tomorrow is FOMC meeting. Market is expecting a 25bp interest rate hike. The Fed's wording in its announcement will once again be of utmost importance. Inflation data and the current "soft patch" that we keep hearing about are at odds with one another. This adds to the uncertainty that the market faces. We'll see what happens soon enough.

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