Monday, March 24, 2008

Vegas Summary

I'm still dead tired after the Vegas trip. So, I'm just going to make a list of twenty random things all about this Vegas trip. And, yes, it was awesome!

1. Venetian recently upgraded their electronics... there were 3 plasma TVs in our suite, and no less than 5 separate remote controls including one for the DVD player and another for the automated curtains and drapes.

2. Degenerate Gambling > Pokering... basically broke even playing poker (Net: -$30). Lost at 1/2 NL, but I won playing limit 4/8 and a really tiny bit of 15/30 (must-move table at the Wynn broke up in record time). But, craps + blackjack = the awesome, so the trip was solidly positive after all expenses.

3. When you are giving black chip action, and you get dealt two 8's with the dealer showing a ten, you obviously split, but you do so begrudgingly. When you get another 8, you repeat. And, another... well, you go ahead and split for the third time. How about your 5th 8? Yes, you split again!!! Trick question time. What happens on your 6th 8? You hit, because the casino only allows a maximum of 4 splits. That hand also included a double down, and in the end, the net result was a loss of one bet. Things could have been MUCH worse. So, it was definitely an interesting hand for all of us to witness.

4. Question: What happens if you're a luckbox, and you put down a large bet at the blackjack table? Answer: You get dealt a blackjack, and you get PAID!! Ha ha.

5. $15 craps is really steep, but that's all you can find in the nicer casinos on the strip during prime time. Lucky for us, we are all lucksacks. And, let us not forget some words of wisdom: ALWAYS BET ON YOURSELF, even if you lose, you still possess a winning attitude.

6. At least one person in our party should invoke the "Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" line. And, based on what happened the following night, it should probably be invoked twice!

7. Liar's dice is just as fun when you play with hotel towels instead of actual dice cups.

8. I am not as good at Rock, Paper, Scissors as I think I am. Not only did I lose money, but I was unable to get one of the hotties (yes, really... that's plural, there were several of them) in our group to have another drink, because I lost our best of three game.

9. I am awesome at the Birthday guessing game, however. I won more money there than I lost at Rock, Paper, Scissors... go me!

10. I am really a fan of the food at Landry's. It's the second time I've been now. For this meal, it was, me, Barber, Rowr, Mr. Pet Dander, and his wife. However, I am not that much of a fan of the service provided (this time), and I don't think anyone else was either. And, oh ya... Barber must LOVE fried food. Ha ha.

11. Credit card roulette is fun, but I obviously suck at the game. I lost during the breakfast round. [Note: For those who are unfamiliar, credit card roulette is a simple game. At the end of a meal, everyone throws a credit card into the bread basket. Mix them up, and cover the basket with the napkin. Have the server pick the losing card, which will cover the entire bill. It's a great game, because most of the time you win!!!]

12. Tiff has a golden arm, so I heard. Too bad I had to leave before I experienced the awesome money making that was to be had with her amazing shooting. (First time female shooter... no wonder.) Hopefully, her dude got in on that action (yes, I'm talking about craps).

13. There were 3 lawyers in our overall group of people. There were also 3 lawyers at the table where I played drunken low-limit poker with Rowr. Two of them played well, and one had little to no clue.

14. Unfortunately for Rowr, a fair number of my big hands were against her decent hands. So, I eventually cleaned her out, much to her dismay. But, I am sure she had a good time, despite hearing her version of her sad poker tale.

15. Barber is getting quite a bit more aggressive when he plays poker now, and as a result, his game is certainly improving. So, to the friends who typically write him off as a non-threat, heed this warning: You better start watching out next time!

16. Pelton and his peoples... they love sports and sports betting. Unfortunately, there was no higher limit Cha-Blah to be played. Long ago, we played for dimes (quarters was the 'big' game). I really want to play for $2 or more a point with the special 2's penalty rule in place. Maybe next time.

17. The Palazzo was pretty nice, but the cell reception there was seriously shitty. I'm sure that was by design. I definitely want to see more if it next time.

18. I should have taken the other side of Womper's UCLA bet, but we called it off, because we were too lazy to get an official spread from the nearest sportsbook at the time we tossed the idea around.

19. Good thing it was AD's birthday over the weekend. Not only did we get him sloshed (he passed out on our couch for a couple hours, while I was playing a losing credit card roulette game with everyone else). An added bonus? His girlfriend (one of the aforementioned hotties) had a shot (of Patron) for the first time... ever!

20. And, finally, speaking of ever. Rowr was told by one of the random poker playing lawyers that she was the most beautiful girl to have come from <insert our alma mater here>... ever!

And, that's it.... twenty highlights from the weekend.


just a girl.. said...

haha a dubious distinction, indeed. I guess I'll take it, though. :P

Anonymous said...

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