Thursday, March 27, 2008

Premature Resignation

So, I played a few games tonight against some Aussie on RedHotPawn. Here's a position from our final game. I am White, and I just pushed my pawn to c4 thinking I had won a piece. Then shortly after my move, I realized that Black had an escape, which probably hurts my position some. Can you see how Black escapes his current predicament without any loss of material?

Anyway, to my surprise, my opponent resigned. It seemed really premature, but I guess he was tired of playing me. I won our first game after obtaining an early material advantage, and I won our second game on a blunder. I can only assume that he was looking for reasons to give up, since his final message to me upon resignation was "not interested any more."

And, one final note... I'm at an even 1500 rating now on RHP after that last game.

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