Friday, March 07, 2008

New Move: Inducing the Bet Out of Turn

So, get this... there's a new rule at Bay101. I don't quite understand the reason for it, and I think it adds more problems than it solves. The new rule is that if a player bets out of turn, then if called on that mistake, that player may only check or call. He may not bet or raise.

This rule was called on someone today, and I thought it was pure horseshit even though I was not a part of the hand in question. What's crazy is that the dealer was required to announce the situation along with the new rule and give the other players a choice as to whether or not they wanted to call the 'bet out of turn' rule into play (much like how it is the player's responsibility to call a string raise).

This rule introduces a new angle to the game. You can try to induce the bet out of turn (to get a free card or showdown)... maybe by feigning a quick bet, where your opponent might beat you to the pot calling, or by the much more questionable action of obscuring slightly your cards from view.

I thought about this for a bit, and I really couldn't think of any reasons why this rule would be a good one. Like, I can see how calling out of turn poses a problem... say, 3 of us were in a hand. And, I know full well that the bettor has a weak hand, and I also know that you feel the same way. However, neither you nor I have a hand that can overcall. So, I call out of turn, effectively shutting you out of the call. I can understand this. But, I do not understand how betting out of turn is the same... is there similar reasoning behind the rule?

Anyway, that's the latest.

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