Sunday, March 04, 2007

Water Damage Pictionary

Each week, we have a weekly team meeting at work. And, more often than not some part of the meeting covers an area that is of no interest to me. During these lulls, I tend to tilt the chair back a little and stare at the ceiling. My co-workers probably wonder what the heck I'm doing.

I'll confess to the world right now... I'm playing a game, kind of like Pictionary. It's the same image every time, but after a while you can see new things in it. Here's what I stare at. It's an image formed by water damage. What do you see in it?

Some things that I see repeatedly are:

1) Bird sitting in a nest with a worm in its beak.
2) A U.F.O. that has crash landed on a pillar-like rock formation with smoke coming out of it.
3) The profile of a big-nosed face with some abnormal growth and fluid seepage. (To see this one, you probably have to view the image sideways) .

Maybe I'll get lucky and we'll have a really huge storm that causes new water damage. I could always use a new image to think about.

1 comment:

crestfallen7 said...

I see a water faucet with a water droplet coming out, or a wizard with a hat on and he has a big nose with a booger dropping out.