Thursday, March 15, 2007

March Madness and Stocks

So, Coventry Health Care (CVH) just boosted its earnings forecast to a range of 3.92 - 3.98. The Reuters consensus was at 3.93. They also raised its revenue guidance to $9.2B - 9.55B. The Reuters consensus was at $8.7B. They also mentioned that they've already bought back 4MM shares of stock, and have increased their authorization to purchase up to 10MM shares.

The company is presenting at an investors' conference next week, and they report earnings some time next month. Good to see that the company is doing well. A shame that I only got only a third of my intended full position.

Tomorrow will be a somewhat antsy day for me as options expire, and most of the positions for which I have options-related decisions to make are trading pretty darn close to the strike prices.

And, now for March Madness. I usually suck at filling out March Madness brackets. I think the only time I did really well was back in 1998. It was a total fluke... I was the only person out of a sizable group to have chosen Kentucky to win it all, and that pretty much did it.

Anyway, here's my bracket for 2007. Click to enlarge.


The Travelin' Man said...

Hey Brute -

Good luck with your picks - it seems like we have almost opposite brackets. I have Holy Cross upsetting the Salukis, and I have L'ville into my Final Four.

In the meantime, the Dookies lose! Go Tar Heels!

Brute Force said...

Ya, I'm real happy Duke lost. I didn't think that they would in Round 1, but I'll take it. Hopefully, it makes Pitt's plight a bit easier.

Ya, pretty opposite picks. Really hope you're wrong about Holy Cross. Heh.