Sunday, March 18, 2007

It's Vegas Time

Off to Vegas for a few days to play some cards, down some drinks, and party it up. I read that the Venetian has a $1 max rake on their 8/16 and 15/30 games for the next month or two. I should go check that out when I'm doing the 'serious' pokering.

So, last night QB and I went off to Stephen's Green in Mt. View, and learned that they jacked up the cover charge a fair bit for St. Patrick's day. And, the lines were pretty long at all of the bars there, so we decided to just have drinks and chill at my place instead.

We played Abalone, which is a pretty old but fun strategy board game. I suck so bad at it; I lost all but one game.

Anyway, my March Madness bracket is still looking alright, but it's still early, and pretty much anything can happen. Hah. Okay, later people.

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