Thursday, March 29, 2007

Altria Ex-Kraft Tracker

Just a quick note to those out there who hold Altria Group (MO) stock. As you are all aware of by now, the Kraft distribution date has been set for Friday, March 30, 2007. But, for those who are curious about the post-distribution pricing, you can take a look at the temporary Altria ex-Kraft tracking stock, which is listed under the ticker MO-WI (on some systems, it might be MO.WI or some other variant).

Here's the last 5 trading days comparing Altria stock and Altria ex-Kraft stock. Days where MO-WI outperformed MO (have to look at end of previous trading session to end of next trading session) are days where Kraft (KFT) was an underperformer.

Oh, and I just wanted to call out Womper to go play that Tower Defense game again. A bunch of us have since put up strong scores... you wanna give it another shot and take us down? Same score group: BruteForceX.

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