Sunday, July 24, 2005


So, there's a large group of Norwegians sponsored by the Norwegian government that are here for the summer to learn about the ways of American business. The Norwegian government fears that one day its oil-rich economy might not be able to support the country. Apparently, Norway has a poor history when it comes to entrepreneurship and building large multi-national companies. That's the background, anyway.

Last night, I went out partying with many of these entrepreneurial Norwegians. The night started out in a Mountain View apartment. Lots of drinking and listening to bad Norwegian music. The music really was bad, and that wasn't only my opinion. It was an opinion shared by everyone, except for the guy who owned the the album. When we could no longer stand the music, 12 of us took some cabs and headed out to The Vault in San Jose.

The Vault has a unique set up due to its past. It used to be a bank building, and it has since been renovated into a lounge. Cover charge is a bit steep, but ladies can get in for free. This really helps the ratio. The Norwegians had a blast, as did I. After the lounge experience, we headed back for frozen pizzas and more beer. And this is how I learned the meaning of Skål (Cheers!).

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