Saturday, July 23, 2005

Picnic Puzzle

Yesterday, our company had its annual summer picnic. The food was fantastic. Plenty of hot links, hot dogs, burgers, chicken, and ribs were had by everyone. Everyone had a great time participating in various activities ranging from Soccer to Bocce Ball to Building a Spaghetti and Marshmallow Structure to Pictionary. That brings us to today's puzzle.

We had two Pictionary teams, men versus women. In the final round, we all decided to have one of the kids draw. We also decided that in this final round, it was a free-for-all; either team could guess. At this point, the women were ahead by 1 point, and so our team really needed to take this final round.

The moderator announced: 3 Words

And, the kid begins to draw. He draws a person's feet. And then, he stops. He said he couldn't think of anything else to draw. Once I knew that the word "feet" was going to be in the answer, I turned off the Pictionary neurons and turned on the Wheel of Fortune ones. Fairly quickly, the correct answer was blurted out. The women were in a state of astonishment. One of them even asked jokingly if I had cheated somehow.

What was the answer? And, how many 3 word phrases do you know of have the word feet in them? At the time, I could only think of two, and my second guess was correct. In the worst case, I wonder how many phrases one would have to run through to guarantee a correct guess.


Anonymous said...

The only thing that comes to my mind is

move your feet

I think more about it.

Anonymous said...

Six Feet Under?

Anonymous said...

I would actually not say six feet under because the kid was at a loss for what to draw after drawing a foot. He's have drawn 6 of them before running out of ideas.

Brute Force said...

Move Your Feet is one that I did not consider. The two phrases that first came to mind were:

Six Feet Under
Two Left Feet (the correct response)