Thursday, July 21, 2005

Quick Update

Taking a loss of 1.35 on Intel (INTC) trading position, dumped at 27.25. For what it's worth, the post-earnings Credit Suisse report was quite negative on the company. They have them rated Underperforming with a 12-month target price of $24.

By contrast, CSFB's report on EBAY was gleaming. They have them as Outperforming with a $60 target price. In any case, EBAY continues to move higher, trading in the 41.70 at this moment.

International Gaming Technologies (IGT) reported EPS of 0.32. This was better than concensus estimates. Its revenues fell 6.4% Y/Y to about $580MM, which was also better than estimates. Yet, the stock is falling this morning. Most likely the concerns about their growth are sticking around.

Hibernia (HIB) moves higher after Capital One Financial (COF) had a solid earnings release last night. HIB should track COF at less than a 1:1 ratio, since the buyout is part cash and part stock swap.

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